• Lesson fees payable on a monthly subscription basis by cash, BACS or standing order only, to be received within the first 5 working days of each month.
  • By making each payment, the student or payee agrees to a contract which declares their commitment to the tuition for the duration of the month to which the payment pertains.
  • A notice period of 1 month is required to terminate tuition and therefore each monthly payment is non-refundable.
  • The subscription is calculated by taking the individual lesson fee (£14 per weekly half-hour lesson), multiplying it by 39 weeks (the 75% minimum attendance annually) and dividing by 12, which yields a monthly fee of £45.50. (Please look to the bottom of the page for an example of how this payment scheme works)
  • A minimum attendance rate of 75% yields an allowance of 13 unattended lessons each year (an average of roughly 1 per month).
  • Students have the right to attend at a rate lower than 75%  but in doing so the payee forfeits the proportion of the monthly fee pertaining to each missed lesson over and above the allowance of 13 unattended lessons.
  • Ed Osborne reserves the right to cancel lessons within any notice period.
  • Where lessons are cancelled by Ed Osborne, an attempt to make an alternative arrangement will be made.
  • If an alternative arrangement is not possible, the individual lesson fee will be refunded by BACS or in cash at a rate £14 per lesson.
  • Students may request to rearrange their lesson in any given week but no guarantee is made that an alternative slot can be offered. In such circumstances the missed lesson will count towards the allowance of 13 unattended lessons.
  • Students have the right to have a parent/carer/chaperone remain with them during the lesson but please note only 1 person is allowed to stay unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • Parents/carers/chaperones staying during the lesson are required not to disturb the lesson or interject in the tuition unless explicitly invited to do so by Ed Osborne.
  • Students are required to arrive promptly for their lessons.
  • Students arriving late for lessons will be given tuition for the remainder of their slot but an extension will not be offered.
  • Parents/carers who leave the tuition room during the lesson are required to arrive promptly to collect their children at the end of the lesson.
  • When a parent/carer is late arriving to collect their child, the child will be allowed to stay within the tuition room indefinitely until the parent/carer arrives, but please be aware of the inconvenience this may cause, particularly if it results in the child sitting through the lesson of the next student.


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