From a very early age Ed demonstrated a natural ability to play the piano and quickly began    lessons in the Classical genre. He worked his way through the ABRSM grades achieving ‘distinction’ for most up to grade 8.

Ed spent much of his youth giving solo performances in concerts and festivals where he repeatedly came top of his classes even winning trophies and awards for exceptional playing.

At the age of 14 he joined a jazz orchestra on keyboards and soon discovered his ability to excel in a variety of styles. The jazz band took him across Europe and America to a host of inspiring concert venues.

He founded a number of other bands through his teenage years and thrived on developing a large repertoire. After studying A level music at college, Ed went on to spend  2 years studying jazz piano at Manchester where he secured his place on the course purely by the strength of his playing.

piano teacher

In his early 20s he was short listed to play keyboards for a professional band and has always kept  involvement in paid music performance around full-time employment until finally realising his goal to become a professional piano tutor.

He leads the music team at his local church where he helps to inspire the other musicians and direct rehearsals. He has experience as a chamber choir master and even at the age of 16 Ed was giving piano lessons to teenagers and young children.

Ed is a Parent Governor at Bure Valley School and also teaches individual piano lessons and group recorder lessons in Buxton Primary School and Hevingham Primary School.



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